Doodle Girl storybook 2


Meet Josephine Emily, but she prefers that you call her Just Josie. Shes likes rainbows, shoes with heels, and her little sister Lily…when Lily is nice. Now, Josie has drawn out her perfect outfit for her perfect birthday! It will be the BEST DAY of her life. But…is that rain? She didn’t plan for rain!

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Doodle Girl uses her magic pencil to create adventures by transforming doodles into fantastical lands, full of amazing animals! 
On their latest outing, Doodle Girl and her friends find a curly, curvy shape. What is it supposed to be?
Whilst trying to work it out, they find a sad, lonely mammoth high up on a mountain. What’s he doing there? Will Doodle Girl be able to help him? And what is the curly curvy shape going to be?
Find out in this gorgeous book, full of creativity and fun with a giant, free doodling poster and stickers.